10 Replies To What Your Cat Truly Thinks Of You


We all talk about our cats all the time. But have you ever wondered what they think of you? What would they say if they are ever asked about you? It’s always good to believe that our cats love us and care for us just the way we do. But what if that’s not the case? What if we are just a means to their end? Well, that couldn’t be. We are sure that our cats love us as much as we do.

Here are some of the replies that your cat may give if asked about you. It’s totally fun to see these replies. Have a look!

#1 As smart as our felines are, food is certainly their priority.

#2 “So what if I can’t open my food packages, I have a hooman. Do I say more?”

#3 Okay that’s a bit weird. But at least our cats are thinking about us.

#4 When you don’t give them enough to eat and they are always starving.

#5 And we thought our cats are okay with us complaining to them about lives.

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#6 After sleep, food is everything that your cat cares about. So you are pretty important to them.

#7 Of course, that’s what was left to hear.

#8 Surely, but your hoomans love you just like their own kids. Not Letting you over eat is also for your benefit.

#9 Well, that says a lot.

#10 We thought cats were our favorite cuddle buddies and this is what they think about us.

No wonder people say cats are mean. All they ever care about is their sleep, food and comfort. But how do we stop loving these adorable puffs.

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