10 Shameless Cats Whose Owners Could Use a Chill Pill


A cat hooman can’t sit peacefully even for a moment. Felines ensure that their hoomans are always on the go and devoting all their attention to them. So if you think that you can just sit and read, that won’t happen. With cats, come several instructions and you have to follow all of them.

Have a look at these cats to know how it feels like to live with a cat!

#1 When your cat saves you from the airport security service.

The airport security service checked us very carefully. They found our cat in our carry-on luggage. It’s good that our friends agreed to pick her up or we wouldn’t have gotten on the plane.

#2 Cats will bring you gifts sometimes, you may like it or not.

#3 When your cat guides you how to plant trees, listen very carefully.

#4 Cat owners find it really hard to find time to read. Taking care of a cat that demands a lot of attention is not easy.

#5 When you finally get to your cat’s secret treasure and he has nothing to say in his defense. Well, that look says it all.

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#6 Plants and cats can’t exist in one home. You have to be clear about your choices.

#7 When your cat makes a promise to stick by you, it makes sure that it is fulfilled.

#8 This is what sharing a drink with your cat means. It will definitely taste better.

#9 When your new cat finally starts opening up and showing you his real side, you may get to witness something like this.

#10 This is why your dogs were not eating from their food bin. A cat can make anyone run away.

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