10 Signs That You’re A Crazy Cat Parent


Cat people are totally crazy when it comes to taking care of their cats. They ensure that their cats get the best of everything and are super comfortable at all times. Here are some things that crazy cat hoomans do. If you want to find out if you are a crazy cat person or not, this article will be very helpful to you. have a look!

#1 That will happen often once you get a cat because they have their priorities set right. So, you better align your priorities according to them.

#2 Staying in is way better than going out when you have a cat. All cat hoomans are nodding right now.

#3 Nowadays, it’s not only you who click cat pictures. Your cats are also learning to get some selfies.

#4 It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any one to talk to as long as you have your cats around. They will listen patiently and will never judge.

#5 You know your cats hate to stay home alone. Also, you have no clue what they are up to and sometimes things get messy. So, you hate to leave them alone.

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#6 It’s either your cat who sleeps or you. Both you can’t sleep together. But still it’s way better than sleeping alone.

#7 You let your cat sleep on your side of the bed if that what it likes. After al, cat’s sleep is more important than yours.

#8 If you have to tell your cat about your day, you have to ask them about theirs too.

#9 Cat hoomans know how much cats love empty boxes. So many a times they order stuff to surprise their cats with empty boxes.

#10 If cat sits on the sofa, you take the chair. That’s the rule without saying.

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