10 Situations That Only Cat Owners Go Through


You can’t understand why cats do what they do. But you can certainly know what they do. So when you adopt a cat, be prepared for all of it. This way you will get less surprises and things will get less awkward.

If you are planning to adopt a cat, here are some situations that you may face. Have a look at them and be prepared!

#1 When you offer little pieces of your food to your kitty when he is small, this is how you will end up.

#2 When you do something that your cat doesn’t expect you to. “Am I dreaming or is it real?”

#3 Cats do what they want. So all your efforts to tell them what they should do will definitely go to waste.

#4 When your cat can’t find a better place to sleep.

#5 Scratches and all are fine, but let’s continue with the game. “So where was I before you decided to leave your mark?”

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#6 That’s the purrfect conversation your cat wants to have with you. But your felines know that you are smart enough so instead meow would do.

#7 When your kitty is out of ideas to distract you and trying to come up with new ones. “I will be back in a minute.”

#8 You can fight a tiger, but never mess with a cat.

#9 When your cat tells you to rest and agrees to do your work, you better keep an eye on him.

#10 Your cat may be after you for food the entire day and still won’t eat it when you offer them some.

Share with us all the situations that your cat puts you through in the comments below.

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