10+ Special Cats And Dogs That Are Totally Adorable


Just like some special humans, some animals are special too. Even though these animals may stand out from the rest when it comes to their appearance, they can be amazing pets. In fact their appearance makes them much more adorable than the rest. Have a look at these unique animals. You will fall in love with them instantly.

#1 This dog has naturally black colored legs. It seems as if he is wearing socks.

#2 The cat here looks as if some another cat has taken over it.

#3 Fitzgerald is as sympathetic and affectionate as he looks.

#4 This kitty was born blessed. Nobody messes with him.

#5 Born without a tail and two different colored eyes, even after eleven years, this dog behaves like a puppy.

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#6 Some dogs have eyebrows, some don’t. The one with the eyebrows may seem arrogant, but they are as soft as marshmallows.

#7 This dog has lips. Well, he surely stands out.

#8 Murphy, the little kitty, has a little Pac-Man on his nose and lips. It looks really adorable on him.

#9 This dog here may have crazy eyes, but he will do everything to make his hooman happy.

#10 This kitty was born black and turned white within three years due to vitiligo. Well, the cat likes to change colors.

#11 Some cats like variation. This one here is just adorable.

#12 The dog with heart shaped eyes. How often do you see such a thing!

#13 The cat is not happy with the current eyebrow artist. “Please find someone else to do my eyebrows.”

#14 Do cats also have lips? We noticed for the first time.

#15 This dog can listen clearly with his big ears.

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