10 Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You


You may have every comfort you may imagine. But we bet that these furballs are living a better life than you. These privileged cats not only have their own special beds, but their own castle, sofa and what not.

We often hear that cat owners do everything to make their furry companions happy. But some people just take it to another level. Have a look at the lifestyle of these cats and you will know what we are talking about.

#1 “My hooman does not want me to steal her bed, so she got me this. Still, I like to sneak into her bed every other day.”

#2 “I can keep an eye on everyone from here. My hooman is very sensible.”

#3 “Does someone want to play hide and seek in my castle? It will be fun if you can fit in.”

#4 One for the guest and one for the kitty. No confusion.

#5 When your cat has the most special place at the table, or maybe on the table.

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#6 “I will share it with you only if I don’t like it.”

#7 Best place to sleep in sunlight.

#8 A special tent and an iPad. Do you have any other demands kitty?

#9 “Anyone wants to stay in my luxury hotel. Only one rule: Nobody messes with the cat.”

#10 “Had a great night partying at my new home. Maybe I will sleep for an entire day now.”

We are sure that this article has given you lots of ideas to make your cat happy. So go ahead and do all you can. Also, if you are already among this special cat hooman category who go an extra mile for their cats, then share your story with us.

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