10 Stories Of People Who Said They Didn’t Like Cats Until They Met One


Cats are the magical creatures we all should feel blessed to be around. It’s hard for cat lovers to even imagine that how do people say they don’t like cats or they are not cat persons. Everyone is a cat person, they just don’t know this yet. Cats are totally pawsome creatures filled with love and joy. Everyone needs to have one at home or else life will become pretty boring. So if you ever think that you are lonely and need a companion, just go get yourself a cat.

Here are some cat stories that will show you how anyone can go from ‘not a cat person’ to a ‘cat lover’ within a few days.


A lot can happen in seven years like changing from ‘not a cat person’ to a cat lover. After all, cats don’t need long to change your views about them.


Who said they don’t like cats? Felines are those magical creatures who know how to make anyone and everyone fall in love with them.


You just need to find the right cat and you can be a cat person. Actually, everyone is a cat person. They just don’t know it yet.


Not a cat person? Have you ever met an adorable cat? No? Then you don’t have any right to say that.


This won’t be that hard. Once the cat has got some place in your heart, everything will be completely fine.


“Did you say you are a dog person? We have to change that about you first. I will do everything else later.”


When a cat chooses his hooman, nobody else can ever take him home. It has to be that person.


Cats are the best friends you always wanted, but never knew existed. So never say that you are not a cat person ever again.


These two are inseparable now. Cats are adorable pets and everyone should adopt one. This world would be a lot better place to live in then.

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Cats just wait for the right time and the moment you say that cats are not for you, the felines enter and change everything.

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