10 Common Things Cat Owners Do That Can Break a Cat’s Heart


Cat owners are always careful about the likes and dislikes of their fur balls. But they are some things that you might be doing unintentionally which is breaking your kitty’s heart. Here’s a list of things that scares your cat and breaks their heart. These things may severely affect your relationship with your fur ball. It may also help answer your queries if your cat is acting differently around you. Is it something that you are not doing correctly? Read on to know!

#1 Cats are really scared of raised voices. They like quiet places. So you may better not shout or scream on your cat. It will surely drive them away.

#2 Fur balls keep really good care of themselves. So if you ever find them scratching or chewing at a sore spot, take them to a vet. It’s a sign that they are in severe pain.

#3 Don’t leave your cat all alone in the darkness. They feel aloof and abandoned.

#4 Always clean the litter box. These furry creatures are very particular about cleanliness, unless they are in the mood of messing things up.

#5 Never ever tease your cat, especially when your cat is not in the mood to play. This will definitely put him off.

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#6 Groom your cat regularly. Taking care of little things like trimming claws, checking for mites, etc. will definitely make your cat happy.

#7 Always be polite to your cat. Even though they may not behave properly at times, punishing them is never right. It will only make them distant.

#8 Cats love their hooman’s attention. If you are not doing that, you are in serious trouble.

#9 You must clean and fill your cat’s water dish regularly. Just like you, your cat deserves clean water.

#10 Physically harming your cat in any way will keep them away from you. So never ever kick or hit your cat.

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