10 “This Is Not My Cat” Moments Where Cats Adopted Chose Their Owners


A lot of people find it really hard to decide which cat to adopt. But sometimes, you don’t have to even go anywhere to get a cat. The cat itself chooses you and quietly makes a place in your home. Cats know who is a purrfect hooman for them. Even when you don’t know how to choose the right cat for your family, the cat knows how to choose the right home.

Here are some instances where people who don’t own a cat found one in their home. This is because these cats have chosen these families to live with.


Welcome the new tenant! We didn’t invite him, but we are happy to have him.


You don’t get to choose if you have a cat or not, cats have the sole power to do that.


This is how cats secretly meet each other.


When you have an uninvited cat in the house and your cat is jealous. There is no other moment than watching your cat getting jealous.


“What do you mean I am not your cat? I am here to stay furrever so I am your cat now.”

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See how amazing cats are. They know who is the purrfect match for them. Once a cat enters your home, he won’t leave. So you better make a place for him and get a bed for him. It’s always good to have a cat in the house.


Oscar is wondering if he should shift here permanently. After all, treats are all that cats live for.


“This looks super cool. I am moving here. Can you make a similar one for me too, please?”


“I like the sun here. I am your cat now. You don’t have any other choice.


“Can you please let me in? I am tired of screaming. I think I convinced you enough to keep me in your home.”


This can be really dangerous, kitty. You better get out of there.

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