10+ “THIS IS NOT MY CAT!” Pictures That Are Purrfectly Hilarious


Some people want a cat and some don’t. But when a cat wants to stay with you, you don’t have a choice. You have to take them in and let them stay. Cats never take no for an answer. They feel that they deserve everything they want and why shouldn’t they.

#1 “I am here to stay now. You accept me or not, it’s your problem.”

#2 Cats are good at giving surprises. Sometimes their surprises involve landing into random houses and not leave.

#3 When the cat gang decides to be your guest, but you have no clue.

#4 “I thought I was invited in. The door was open and nobody stopped me.”

#5 When you try to find your cat, but get to take another one home.

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#6 It’s time that you should let them in. They have waited for long.

#7 But looks like you have one now.

#8 “I thought you were lonely, so I thought my company will be good for you.”

#9 It doesn’t matter which floor you stay on. If a cat decides to be your pet, it will find a way.

#10 Now you have a cat and little kittens as well.

#11 Did you go shopping for soft toys and got a cat too? Well, consider yourself lucky because that does not happen every day. If you get a cat, you keep a cat.

#12 When you don’t have a cat, but you find one in your home.

It’s unusual for a cat to land in your home randomly. And it’s even rarer when they decide to stay. So you better choose carefully when that happens. Has it ever happened with you? Do share with us in the comments below.

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