10 Times Cats Cracked Us Up


Cats are the best source of happiness that you can ever found. They are born with amazing sense of humor. When it comes to happiness, cats know how to help anyone achieve that.

Here are ten cats who will show you how to crack anyone easily!


“My cat does this at 8 p.m. everyday. He knows that it’s time for dinner and he can’t wait.”


Have you ever seen the romantic side of your cats? If not, then you definitely need to see this.


This cat is totally gorgeous.


Sharing is caring, but it can be messy at times.


“My cat can’t understand if it’s an actual act or just his picture. Playing pranks on your cat is another level of fun.”

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Cats are always fun to be with. But some of them just know how to crack you up when you are really sad and about to cry. How can anyone ignore all the hilarious things they do! It’s impossible not to laugh at the pawsome things they do. And why should we even ignore such pawsomeness? It doesn’t make any sense. Moreover, the cats already judge us and if we will go on ignoring the awesome things that they do, then we will be totally stupid.


“My cat trying to be control his little kitty and stop him for fighting. How are cats so sensible at all times? Are they actually cats or just humans trapped in the wrong body?”


When you have a cat who can camouflage with the carpet in your home, you have to be really careful.


How do cats manage to look so adorable all the time?


When you have cats, you can easily say no to all the boring dinner plans.


My co-worker is more dressed than me for my work from home.

What does your cat do to crack you up? Do you also have some stories to tell about your cat? Share with us in the comments below.

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