10 Times Pawsome Cats Poked Us Right in the Heart


Cats have the charm that can sway away anyone any time without any warning. Cat hoomans live for the moments when their cats finally open up to them. These pawsome felines love adventure and are always doing something hilarious. You will never see a cat sitting ideal. They are either chasing something or taking naps. Cats like to put their time to best use. They don’t understand why their hoomans waste their precious time crying over something that they cannot change.

Here are some pawsome cats that will pierce right through your heart. We bet you can’t stop them. Have a look at these cat pictures and see for yourself.


When your cat and your dog are chilling together instead of fighting and you can’t believe it. “What are you staring at, hooman? Do you want to join us? We have some space here.”


When it’s too cold and your cats cuddle together, they look the most adorable. Are you also trying to figure out how many cats are there?


At least these cats have each other in the tough times. Felines can enter any heart that they want.


This cat slept like this for the first time and his hooman can’t get over how adorable he looks.


“You can take him away. He is not ready to face the real world right now.”

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We know you are already adoring all these pawsome cats and wishing that you had one by your side.


“This is the purrfect place to hide. Nobody will look for me here.”


Cats look the most adorable when they sleep like little babies.


Cats are the best thing that happen to people. Only cat hoomans know the purest form of bliss.


When your kitten gives you that confused look and you don’t know what to tell them.


“I have been waiting for you for a long time. Finally, I have someone to accompany me in all my adventures. These hoomans are foolish and don’t understand anything.”

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