10 Times That Cat Owners Realized How Mean Felines Can Be


Well, let’s explore the Mean Cat Owners Anonymous – this viral thread on Twitter where cat owners post their emotional memories of raising cat demons. “My cat has a note in all caps red letters in his vet file” reveals one user named Meredith Hankins. This apparently warns the vet that he must put a muzzle on this kitty before it can be handled.

The catto world can often be a tough nut to crack. However, don’t let it affect your parental dignity because don’t forget that it could have been way, way worse! We caution our readers to scroll through these posts with a few tissues by their side as we take a look through the meanest cats on the internet.




As it turns out, Dr. David Sands explains that while petting our felines may be beneficial for hoomans, it is likely not the best for our furrballs. He also explains that in cases where felines are behaving aggressively, the owners are better off taking a step back rather than to keep making attempts to befriend the kitty.



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Ultimately, it is critical to recognize that love is entirely a human emotion, as stated by Sands. It is correct that adult cats often groom other cats but they never stroke each other. It would appear as if humans are speaking a completely different language in the first place!





It can be hard to accept for humans that felines do not always happen to like things that we would ideally expect them to. As a matter of fact, during a study when 20 domestic cats were made to listen to three voices – one being of their owner and other 2 of strangers – they exhibited no interest at all.

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