10 Tumblr Threads Show Cats are Verbose, Irrational Narcissists



It doesn’t matter how much you love your cat, it will never be enough. The moment you start paying attention to something else, your cat will feel offended. It is only when you are the busiest that your cat will want to play with you and sleep in your lap. Cats are pretty smart and they know when to make the right move. After all, felines are cunning and a bit selfish. But they love their hoomans more than anything else. They don’t live for expensive toys, but the precious time that they get to spend with their hoomans.

Here are some cat posts that show that they are verbose, irrational and narcissist. Have a look and you will agree too!


Cats will blame you for every little thing that you do wrong and forget all the good things that you do for them.


Respect your cats or else they will be the reason for your fall. It’s not easy for cats to let go.


Not all cats are grateful for what they get. Some of them always want more.


Cats only use their brains when they want to.


Cats and their logic will always stay weird and hilarious. Keep a cat close and stay happy furrever!

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Are you laughing already? Then continue scrolling down and laugh more!


If you ever want to learn acting, take classes from a cat. They will teach you everything that you need to know.


Cats know what they have to do when they want treats. “I will execute my plan afterwards. Let me enjoy this first.”


Now here’s why your cat runs around the house in the middle of the night. He thinks you are dying and need help! “I will save you hooman!”


All cats ever want is to spend time with you and be near you. Listen to them for once.


Cats want your attention the most when you are busy doing your work.

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