10 Unflattering Cat Pictures That You Don’t Want To Miss


Cats are the most majestic pets that you can have around. Even though the felines try to have everything under their control, things get out of control at times. Cat hoomans took this opportunity to show the world that cats have an unflattering side too. They just hide it really well. But cat hoomans know the truth.

Here is a collection of some unflattering cat pictures shared by the cat hoomans as a part of a challenge. Have a look and laugh your heart out!


“Every time I click a picture of my cat, this is what it turns out like.”


That’s how cat hoomans take revenge. Capturing cats when they are not in a mood to get clicked.


“My cat fell asleep on my lap like this and I had to capture it. Cats can be out of control too.”


“What is this woman doing? Does he want my fans to hate me?”


“Made my cat wore a sweater for the first time and he agreed to pose for a picture. Looks really cute!”

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We bet you are laughing already. Cats may not be adorable all the time, but they never stop being hilarious. They know that they have to do this job purrfectly or else their hoomans will stay sad and boring. Cats are the spark of fun and adventure in their hooman’s life. Without them, life can get pretty boring. So keep the cats around and stay happy.


When your cat tries to use your phone to take a selfie and he manages to get a decent picture. Cats are getting to another level of intelligence.


This is how my cat feels about taking pictures. “Get a life, hooman! You can do better than this.”


The cat really likes the sticker. He wouldn’t let his hooman take it off.


Getting stuck at the wrong place is a cat’s favorite thing to do.


Cats couldn’t get more weird.

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