10 Vet Clinics That Cats Find Pawsome


Nobody likes to visit a doctor. Even our feline companions are with us on this point. But there are some vet clinics that keep this in mind. They know how to make the little cats welcome in their clinics. These vets have come up with a pawsome idea to break the ice with cats.

Who won’t like to visit the vet when they appreciate you? That’s right! We all know cats are highly impressed by appreciation and attention. These vets have put up huge signs with hilarious cat jokes on them. Have a look at what these signs say! Our cats are already impressed, are you?

#1 Cats are really smart, so Gods have to design the world according to them.

#2 Dogs may work for other people, but cats know how to make people work for them.

#3 Cats don’t forget and they don’t let anyone else forget too. Who rules the world? Cats!

#4 Because cats have better things to do. So don’t even bother to wait for their reply.

#5 This says it all. Do we need explain further?

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#6 Not everyone is talented enough to understand cat puns and those who do are scared. What are you trying to say cats? Please don’t explain.

#7 Cats are always one step ahead of everyone. No one should even dare to defeat them because we know what will happen.

#8 What better way to live a life? We need to follow the cats.

#9 Cats may not be on the right side of the door, but they are always on the right page.

#10 We think it’s enough for the smart people to understand. If you know, you know.

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