10 Ways To Ensure Your Cat Lives Longer


No matter how much we love them, cats don’t stay with us forever. Even though cats can be weird and annoying, saying goodbye to your fur ball is really hard. On an average, a cat lives for fifteen years. But you can extend their stay by taking good care of them. Here are some tips to take care of your cats to extend their lives!

#1 Water is as essential for cats as it is for humans. Cats too forget to drink enough water just like us. So it’s your duty to ensure that they get enough water. Include canned food in their diet as water content in them is high.

#2 Even if you are taking proper care of your cat’s diet, you must also ensure that they exercise. Overweight cats get heart diseases, diabetes, skin and respiratory diseases.

#3 Grooming your kitty regularly is very important. Otherwise there will be cat hair everywhere, including their stomach.

#4 You must take note of every little change in your cat’s behavior. It may be a serious threat to their lives.

#5 Cats need as much care as little children. Getting your cat’s vaccinations on time is a must.

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#6 Cat’s teeth are an indicator of their overall health. Gingivitis, plaque and chronic tarter will contribute to seeding and bacterial growth in the rest of their body also.

#7 Just like too much weight gain, too much weight loss is also harmful.

#8 Playtime with your cats not only keep them happy, but also keep them slim and fit.

#9 Don’t leave your cat outdoors for long. They will either end up in trouble or find a new hooman.

#10 Take your cat to the vet regularly. Regular check-ups will help to spot signs of illness at an early stage.

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