10 Weird Cats Doing Their Usual, But It Will Make You Question Their Sanity


To normal people, cats will seem totally crazy. They will do things that is beyond the imagination of the non-cat people. Only cat hoomans know that it is pretty normal for a cat to do what they do. Cats can do questionable things and if you don’t understand them, you may question their sanity.

Here are some pictures of cats doing weird things that have made many cat hoomans question their sanity. The owners of these cats got worried initially, but with time they got to know that this is what cats do.


Do all cats do these weird things? Well, this is just the beginning. Just wait and watch what happens next.


“Hi hooman, if you won’t share your food with me, I will stand here and make you feel guilty. One way or the other, you will share your food with me.”


Clever cats always find a way to get food, even in the middle of the night.


Cats have attention issues and go through twenty moods a day, so this is just a way to cope with it. You should be glad that they are not planning to kill you while you sleep.


When cat hoomans don’t know the proper time to feed their cats, they might have to witness this.

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We know by now you must be totally surprised. If you want to ask that how are cats capable of doing this, then don’t. Because no hooman can answer this question successfully. All you can do is sit back and enjoy.


Cats find comfort in strange places. You have to let them sleep wherever they feel like.


Only cats are capable of doing this. Did you check for catnip?


Hide and seek is a cat game. You can’t beat them at it.


Obviously, they do. Cats are smarter than you know.


When your cat finally finds out the true comfort of pillows.

Share your weird cat experiences with us in the comments below. Let the world know what all cats are capable of.

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