10 Weird Cats Whose Owners Love Them Despite Everything They Do


When you adopt a cat, you agree to love them despite their weirdness and all the strange things they do. Cats accept you for who you are and you have to accept them the way they are. Loving cats and getting their trust is a two way street. You can’t have it all your way. Cats like to get all their hooman’s attention and they have weird ways to do this. Nevertheless, cat hoomans love their furry friends more than anything in the world.

Here are some weird cats whose hoomans love them despite everything they do.


“This how my cat sits every time my boyfriend comes over. He just wants to show him that I love him more.”


Some cats like to show their teeth whenever they are angry just to scare people away. This one is pretty good at it.


“Every time my cat does stretching exercises, this is how he looks. I find it totally hilarious.”


When your cat let’s you sleep in peace and snuggles next to your feet instead, this is really adorable.


“Found my cat sleeping in this box instead of his bed and it seems that he felt bad. Maybe he didn’t want me to find this out that he likes to sleep in the bed.”

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It’s impawssible not to love these pawsome fluffy creatures. They do everything to make their hoomans happy and they deserve everyone’s love. We totally cherish these pawsome beings.


Something is really wrong with this cat. It looks like it needs help.


This cat has definitely messed something up. The look on his face says it all.


“Hi hooman, why are you staring at me? You have to stop doing this or else I won’t be able to sleep.”


“My cat is really good at getting clicked. He is always picture ready every time I take out my camera.”


“I can’t do this anymore. Please hooman, take me back to the comforts of your home.”

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