10+Hilarious Yet Honest “Beware Of Cat” Signs


There are many types of cats, but some cats just don’t like to be around people. Hoomans of these pets have put of beware signs and they are pretty hilarious. If you can’t imagine who would like to stay away from cats, then have a look at these hilarious beware signs.

#1 “I am right here watching you. I am adorable and very affectionate. My hoomans lie about me so that you do not steal me.”

#2 “I just spotted an unattended cup. Let me push it to the floor.”

#3 There is no need for putting up a beware sign. The kitty is scary and nobody wants to get near it.

#4 When you have to go out but know that your sneaky cat is up to something.

#5 “I do everything you say and you still don’t trust me. Well hooman, I ran out of ideas to fool you. I think I should try my tricks on someone else.

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#6 Do not try to enter the house at any cost. This cat may look fat, but he is quick and likes to bite.

#7 When put up such signs, you better follow.

#8 A cat that knows kung fu is the master of all cats. You do not get into trouble with this cat at any cost.

#9 Blacks cats hide in the shadow and ready to pounce at you at any moment.

#10 This cat likes to scratch anything and anyone he can lay his hands on. You better stay away from him unless you like scars.

#11 When your cat is rude, but you love him more than your visitors.

#12 All the thieves beware, we have ninja cats at the watch.

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