11 Cats That Are The Boss At Their Homes


We have often heard that cats rule the world. But sometimes, their world is limited to their furrever home and they make sure that everyone listens to them. Yes, felines always have a way with everything and everyone around them.

Look at these cats who will show you who is the real boss at home!


Every cat hooman in their sleep: “Why can’t I breathe?” Meanwhile, their cat: “I can’t understand what the issue is. I’m as light as fur.”


Cats will not wake up no matter how long they call them out. But when your slightest disturbance will wake them up.


“It’s 8:00 p.m. already. How long will you work? I am super hungry.”


“It’s time to enjoy some sun. This plant looks beautiful. Let me sleep on it.”


It’s time for some music. Here’s the lead player for tonight. Please have a huge round of applause.”

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There was never a doubt that cats are the true rulers of the world. They have proved time and again that when they say something, you have to follow them regardless of anything. After all, a cat’s order is the supreme most.


“I put up a camera to find out what goes on between my pets behind my back. I am totally terrified and scared for my dog now.”


“Why do we need curtains? Who’s even looking at you? These curtains were not letting me keep a proper watch on you, so I removed them.”


This the purrfect place for the cat to sit. How do you come up with such ideas, little kitty?


“Woke up in the middle of the night because I felt someone was staring at me. Look who the culprit is. Is it time for your food already?”


Cats do what they do and we always fail to understand. Anyways, they can’t stop us from adoring them.


Look who has been brushing their teeth! “Why do humans have to always interrupt our important meetings!”

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