10+ Comics That Perfectly Describe Just How Weirdly Wonderful Our Cats Can Be!


Cat lovers always find a way to justify their love for their fur balls. Even the weird habits and annoying behavior of the feline creatures do not affect cat people in the least. We have some interesting cat comics for you to show that we love them no matter how weird they are! If are already a cat lover, you will definitely relate.

#1 The fur balls can be very selective, but we love them anyway.

#2 They will judge you and turn you into a better hooman.

#3 Cats will never leave you alone. They will always be there where you need them or not.

#4 The feline creatures have their own set of games. It may be a little hard for you to understand.

#5 There is no chance that you can sleep when your cat is in the mood to play. Also, this happens mostly at midnight because they like to sleep whole day.

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#6 Cats love to take long naps on your lap. There’s no moving when they are asleep.

#7 If you are living with a fur ball, you know they can sleep anywhere, whenever and wherever they want. Never, ever wake them up.

#8 Cats do what they like and you have to be a part of it, always. They really love their hoomans and don’t like to leave them out of anything.

#9 Yes, they can be over dramatic at times. Actually, this would happen most of the time.

#10 If you are still figuring out why your cat is acting the way it is, here is something to help you out. We hope it works.

#11 You think your kitty will finally let you sleep in comfort. Well, you are totally wrong.

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