13 Cats That Made The Leap From Thicc-Chonkers To Lean Cattos


Thicc-choky and floofy kitties may appear cuddly and cute but their excessive weight is terrible for the cat’s health. Some pet owners have took the initiative, that was much called-for, and transformed their chubby kitties into lean cattos.

We bring to you such cats’ before and after pics to inspire you and your pets to take up the challenge and make the leap! Scroll through these inspiring kittie pics and share them with your friends and family.

90% of a cat’s weight is attributable to its diet, while only 10% relates with the cats’ physical activity. Because of this, it becomes imperative for pet owners with obese cats that they not overfeed their furrballs.

#1 Only Transformation Pic That I Will Permit
#2 Bronson’s inspiring journey from 33Lbs (15kg) to 19.9Lbs (9kg)
#3 Before – Overweight, dirty, trouble breathing, and unable to groom herself
Now – Lean, Mean and Clean
#4 Successful dechonking of Tommy Boy
#5 Tony was rehomed a little over a year ago, meet new Tony!

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#6 Dropped to 14lbs from 20lbs, he’s still larger than most cats though
#7 This cute overweight furrball was adopted and later put on a diet. Few years later, his weight has reduced to less than half!
#8 Dechonkification Accomplished
#9 Bragging about her post diet figure
#10 Meet Amy who has been living at the shelter since over a year and no one brings her home because of her weight issues. But she’s found a hooman with weight issues to share the pain.
#11 Barsik was taken home from the shelter at 41lbs. He is now on a vet-supervised diet and making steady progress towards a healthier life!
#12 This little kitty went from 20lbs to 14lbs
#13 Stan has dechunked at 10 years old with a long life ahead of him!

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