13 Real-Deep Cat Thoughts That Made Us Wonder


Let us issue a warning for you before going anything. If your kitty happens to laugh at you as you scroll through these pics, you should be worried. Like really, really worried!

Alright, with that out of the way, we went kitty pic hunting on the internet and found these amazing cat thoughts that are actually extremely deep. While all of us knew that cats are an intelligent species, how intelligent was a question we never cared to ask. Well, as it turns out, kitties can be quite the philosophers. Take a look through these amazing cat thoughts and see what you can make of it.

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Do you ever wonder you cat’s thinking while you sit on the couch staring at the little fluffball? As against the popular opinions such as “they are devising a plan to kill you,” the real kitty thoughts are entirely something different. They are wondering about much deeper things than we have been made to believe. Their calculative and logical side has never been revealed to us because we have been too busy laughing at their antics. But at last, we have uncovered the truth – our cats are as nerdy as they come.







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