13 Reasons Why Cats And Dogs Are From Different Worlds


Cat and dog lovers have been fighting since ages that their pets are better. This has not reached any conclusion yet and seems to continue for long. We may not know if cats are better than dogs or not. But we have figured out some interesting differences between cats and dogs that you would agree to. Have a look!

#1 While one loves to play with water, the other one even shivers at the thought of water.

#2 Cats will never understand why dogs like walks when they can just sit around all the time and have their favorite food.

#3 Your dog may want to play with you all the time, but your cat will make you a part of their entertainment even before you know it.

#4 Unlike dogs, cats can fit in the tiniest box they find in the home.

#5 Dogs would love it when you take them for a car ride, but cats will always prefer staying home.

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#6 Trying to make your cat happy? Forget about it and get back to work.

#7 Simple things will make dogs happy, but cats can be very demanding.

#8 Cats and dogs will never get along.

#9 Did you think that you can dominate your cats? Better get a dog.

#10 Cats don’t know how to apologize. They never do that.

#11 Hugs are only meant for dog owners. Cats do their own thing.

#12 As much as they love to be lazy, cats can be super active when they have a mission to accomplish.

#13 It’s easy for dog owners to know that their pets love them. But when it comes to cats, you can go on figuring it out your whole life. They love you, but they just have a weird way to show it.

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