15 Cats That Found The Weirdest Places To Nap


Cats are popular napping champions with a whooping 16 hours a day spent napping on an average throughout their lives. With all that experience, they seem to have mastered the art of how to get a good catnap.

We have seen felines nap pretty much everywhere around the house. The locations range flower pots to tissue boxes, terrariums to wine glasses. Sometimes they get our attention with their pose – upside down, on the head, or using the dog as a cushion.

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A certified feline training and behavior specialist, Molly DeVoss, suggests that domestic cats tend to sleep anywhere between 16 to 20 hours a day on an average. In addition, she calls this an ambush strategy. Ambush strategy consists of stalk, chase, pounce, catch and kill. Cats in the wild eat 10 small portions of meals throughout the day, which is equal to about 6 cumulative hours reserved for daily hunting. For the remaining hours, they are sleeping to refuel their energy that will be required when they hunt. Although, she points out that pet cattos may be napping plainly out of boredom.




Felines also have a tendency to feign sleep as a defense mechanism against stressful situations. In some cases, increased daytime napping may also be a sign of aging. DeVoss recommends supervising our fuzzy companions and being vigilant for hints of lethargy which may warrant a visit to the vet!




Hoomans, who prefer sleeping in warm and comfy beds, may find positions and places that felines choose to sleep rather absurd. Cat behavior expert Rita Reimers reveals that it’s actually true that cats are able to sleep pretty much anywhere. Cats love sunspots, hooman’s beds, and tucking away in tiny peaceful corners and cubbyholes. They also enjoy warm places such as a warm basket of laundry just taken out of the dryer!




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