15 Cats With Craziest Markings On Their Fur


We are always intrigued by smart cats and their weird acts. But have you ever seen a cat with a heart on its fur or an exclamation mark for a tail. If not, you are about to witness the wonders cats can pull off. We have a collection of cats with some of the most crazy fur markings. Have a look!

#1 Meet the Batman kitty!

#2 This cat is pure love, just like the sign on its fur.

#3 Our feline Harry with the sacred mark. We can surely cast this cat in the feline Harry Potter series.

#4 Now this is the goofiest cat smile that we have ever seen.

#5 No it’s not actually what you think. Look a little more closely.

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#6 Here’s our very own dragon cat! Even though it sounds scary, it is the cutest fur ball you will ever meet.

#7 This cat has a natural face mask.

#8 The kitty with an exclamation mark tail!

#9 Proof that cats are always the best. This cat likes to tell everyone that he is no. ‘1’.

#10 Everyone is scared of the Scary Big Bad Wolf

#11 This cat has four eyes. You can’t hide anything from it. Also, the fake eyes look more real.

#12 This cat was born to rule the world.

#13 There will be continent named after this cat someday. After all, it’s not easy to carry one on your fur.

#14 This cat was about to be born as a human, then he changed his plan. Good choice, little cat! You look adorable with that mustache and goatee.

#15 This cat likes to carry his heart on his arms. What could be more sensitive and adorable than this!

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