15 Hilarious Cat Snaps To Put A Smile On Your Face


If you are a cat owner, you know that there is always some sort of adventure right around the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen corner. You can never predict where it will take you. But who are we to question the feline logic?

All you can do at this stage is capture the hilarious moments of your kitty stuck in the weirdest places and in the most unusual positions.

We have put together of list of amazing cat snaps to remind you that no matter what your kitty comes up with, it is impossible to remove that social media star element. The owners, of course, deserve praise as well. Because some of the one-liners on these snaps give it a whole new dimension!






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It is a well-known fact that plenty of cat owners are hoarding cat snaps. OnePoll’s research shows that on an average a cat owner spends 1,016 hours with the kitty and takes 7 pics every day. Also, cat photography is definitely in its golden days because plenty of cattos have become insta-famous in the recent years!






Sometime around last year, Snapchat’s cat filter had people all over the world put on a feline face. Thousands of videos of cats looking into the phone screen while the owners look right back at them had made rounds of the internet. The cats would look at the screen, then at the hooman, and then at the screen again. Speculations suggested that kitties do that because they recognize the confusing situation.

However, Kristyn Vitale, a cat behavior student at Oregon State University explains that it’s not the case. It is not a sign of cats passing the mirror test. The mirror test is a common tool for identifying if an animal is self-aware or not. In the case discussed, no study has been conducted on how cats interact with screens of gadgets.








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