15 Hilarious Cat Posts On Tumblr That Will Crack You Up


Cats are the most pawsome creatures in the world. If you don’t agree, have a look at these purrfect Tumblr posts by some cat lovers and know for yourself.

#1 “My cats think liquefying will give them a fresh start. This is how they press restart after every problem.”

#2 This kitty has got some of the most amazing ideas of the feline world. It may get scary and weird at times.

#3 And you think cats don’t have any emotions. They just don’t like to indulge in unnecessary showcase of emotions. But when required, they can go to any extent to show their love for their hooman.

#4 When you only feed your cat ten times a day, this is how he will respond. Better throw in one extra meal.

#5 When your cat acts all mature and human like, things can get a little awkward. Nobody knows how to deal with it.

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#6 Once a cat lover, always a cat lover. The fur balls have a tight hold over our hearts.

#7 “Why do you always click weird pictures of me? I’m never getting clicked again.”

#8 Cats can be way more judgmental than humans. Watch out for judgmental cats!

#9 Best way to never forget about a thing is to help your cat remind you. This is truly a genius trick.

#10 Three stages of cat cuteness!

#11 Never try to compete with your cat. They will give you a hundred reasons that they are smarter than you.

#12 Cats are always hungry, no matter what color they are.

#13 When a cat supports you, he doesn’t leave you when things get hard.

#14 When cats speak, everyone listens.

#15 Cat names can be as weird as the feline creatures themselves.

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