15 Mischievous Pets Who Weren’t Expecting Their Hoomans To Return Home Early


What do you think your pets are doing behind your back? If you haven’t figured it out yet, they are upto no good. Pets know how to use this time very well. They are indulging into every mischief they can think of while you are out. Here are some pets that were caught red handed. Have a look at some of these pictures to get an idea as to what your pets do when they are home alone!

#1 This adorable pup was wondering all this while why his hooman put on lipstick, maybe now he knows.

#2 These two were probably trying to kill each other and now they are trying to act all innocent.

#3 “Don’t you dare take away these sausages from me. I had to search everywhere for them.”

#4 “I like my bed messy and torn. I was trying to tell you all this while. I hope you understand now.”

#5 This dog is trying to act all innocent, but there is no hiding now. His hooman has caught the real culprit.

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#6 “There’s nothing for you to see here. Please leave us alone.”

#7 “Finally I have the entire pool to myself.” His hooman couldn’t control his laughter after seeing the little pup in the pool all by himself.

#8 “It was getting a bit scary out there. I am safe now that you are home.”

#9 Look what we found!

#10 Well, just a little bunny! Nothing to worry here.

#11 This dog is really proud of his art.

#12 This kitty knows how to take care of himself when his hooman is not around.

#13 “We wanted to surprise you. Looks like we did!”

#14 “Don’t look at me like that. I was hungry.”

#15 “Can’t I bake in peace?!”

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