15 People On Twitter Share Pics Of Weirdo Cats Who Comfortably Sit In The Weirdest Positions


Does it sometimes feel like cats are just humans, but tinier and wrapped in fur? They do all sorts of weird things like watching Netflix and playing hide and seek. Sometimes these kitties also sit on their butts like humans, judging the world with their legs spread wide! However, they look hilarious enough to on-board us with all the judgement they can throw at us.

Like already kitties aren’t hilarious enough, tweeple flooded twitter with pics of cats sitting on their butts and we have been out of breath laughing since it happened! These pics show all sorts of kitties as they look into their hooman’s camera with those round eyes and chill on their butts.

A woman tweeted out her desire and asked people to share pics of their cats sitting on their butts. Twitter, as it always does, came out with a goldmine of cat pics! We cannot wait to share these goofy kitty pics with you. We have picked out the most hilarious pics of all so keep scrolling, and be sure to share the ones that make your funny bone tickle!

#1 I need my cigarette before the bath

#2 Left: Did you hide the stupid remote again?
Me: Yes!
Right: I forgive, I don’t forget!

#3 Stop with the pictures and feed me!

#4 Click away… How’s this one? Wait, let me lean on the wall!

#5 Aren’t I pretty?

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#6 Ordered my beer a gazillion years ago! I am tipping him in pennies.

#7 You call it fat; I call it well-fed

#8 You can’t figure me out y’all

#9 Click now! before I roll over

#10 No kind sir, I am not Chewbacca

#11 Candid, indeed!

#12 What do you mean there’s no chicken today?!

#13 Sunday? More like Sun-bathing-day!


#15 Call me Biscuit!

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