15 Pets Caught Red Handed By Their Hoomans


Pets can get really sneaky at times, especially when it comes to cats. Many a times, things may go missing or the stack of books that you just arranged will be scattered. You won’t even realize how quickly they will create all the mess. Here are some pets that were caught in action. The way they try to act innocent is totally hilarious.

#1 This fur ball is all eyes for cute decorative stuff in the house, “Caught ya, kitty!”

#2 Is your cat planning to kill you? You should better be aware because we just found one cat placing thumb pins in his hooman’s shoes.

#3 “Why do you only get to eat all the good stuff? I equally deserve it all.”

#4 Look at this pup’s reaction on being caught. “I was just trying to help.”

#5 Wondering about what happens to your cookie every morning? Now you know.

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#6 “I love this kid. He always gets me good stuff.”

#7 When your dog gets to decide the best place to hide, something will definitely go wrong.

#8 These cats almost made it before their hooman caught them. Better luck next time fur balls!

#9 “I thought I would just get a taste before everyone else.”

#10 These days your dogs can also go around stealing money. We wonder whom is he trying to impress.

#11 “It’s Christmas time. Everyone is allowed to have some extra food.” Food is always on the top of the list when it comes to stealing.

#12 This little pup likes to keep his collection of footwear up-to-date.

#13 We finally got to know who has been messing with the Wi-Fi cable all this while.

#14 Our dog was hiding away the missing stuff all this while.

#15 This dog makes his hooman help him in stealing stuff.

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