15 Weird Cats Who Were Exposed By Their Hoomans On Twitter


No doubt cats are weird, but some are just way too different. Some twitter users shared the story of their weird cats and it’s totally hilarious. Have a look and see for yourself!

#1 This kitty likes to keep her hooman on toes.

#2 At least he is not bringing home his leftover prey.

#3 This cat has a thing for scaring his hoomans. It worked a few times, but now they know.

#4 Let’s play some chase! Some cats like to make their hoomans run for money.

#5 “Every time I have visitors, this is how my cat ensures that she gets all the attention.”

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#6 This sneaky cat is always watching his hooman and it gets a bit scary at times.

#7 We found the reincarnation of “The Shinning Twins”. They hate everyone who interfere and are really good at taking revenge.

#8 This is how this kitty sleeps and it is just adorable.

#9 Cats don’t like to leave you alone, but they love their privacy.

#10 “Humans think that we don’t know a thing about civilization. They have no idea how smart we are.”

#11 When you forget to decorate a place and your cat does the job. “Looking good, young kitty!”

#12 Even cats need someone or something to hug when they sleep. “My hooman won’t stop clicking my pictures when I sleep. I wonder what is she up to!?”

#13 This kitty knows it all. “I am too smart for you hooman. You better leave me alone and let me plot my next move in peace.

#14 “My cat is smarter than your cat.”

#15 This cat is making sure that his hoomans don’t hear the alarm so he gets to stay with them the entire day.

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