20 Silly Cats That Will Make You Laugh Till It Hurts


Cats are always perceived as smart and cunning. But you only get to know how stupid they can be once you start living with them. They still manage to stay cute and make us laugh all the time. Maybe the little fur balls get bored of doing the cat stuff all the time, only to end up with a scarred ego. Well, they never fail to entertain us with their silly tricks.

Check out these lovely cats that will you laugh till it hurts!

#1 These furry creatures would love to suit up at times.

 #2 “Trouble follows wherever I go.”

#3 “Is it time to catch a fish?”

#4 “I know you’ve been looking for a teabag. Here you go!”

#5 “That’s how I stay high!”

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#6 This is called the cat pose. Don’t try at all!

#7 “I like my food scattered on the floor.”

#8 “Can be stupid sometimes, but he’s mine!”

#9 This kitty got stuck in a vase and now he’s got a new look.

#10 “We are not playing hide and seek. Get out of there now!”

#11 Thief caught in the act of stealing. Couldn’t get far.

#12 Cats have been doing it wrong all this time.

#13 This fur ball is hiding away from the cruel world.

#14 And I thought cats hate water.

#15 My cat thinks it’s the new door and guards it all the time.

#16 That’s his usual morning routine and he believes in the art of perfection.

#17 My cat got all upset and chose to hide.

# 18 “I wasn’t expecting an audience. Go away now. The show is over!”

#19 Here’s another masterpiece.

#20 My cats like to do things in his own way. No one ever tells him what to do.

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