21 Funny Quarantine Cat Pics From Their Pawrents


Quarantines can be challenging. I mean, how long can you sit in front of the TV and not get bored? But quarantines for cat pawrents are a whole lot different than for other people. They are in the feline companionship that will never fail to cheer them up. People resorted to tweeting about these hilarious experiences they had with their cattos during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We bring to you the ultimate collection of tweets from the owners that publicly acknowledged the hilarious quirky incidents that they encountered during the quarantine. These owners proudly flaunt how their cats were able to make their lockdown better even though there was a world of crisis outside. Scroll through and do not forget to share the wholesomeness with your friends and family!










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Sure, we could go out for a run, play some sport, binge-watch a show, or spend quality time with our better half. But let’s face it, none of it beats spending some quality time with your fluffball because she always has surprise for you just around the corner when you least expect it. The lockdown for these kitty owners has been extra special because they were able to spend the much overdue quality time with their felines.

























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