25 Wholesome Black Cat Pics Disprove Their Association With Bad Luck


Although black cats have a reputation of bringing bad luck, we think they are absolutely awwdorable, extremely pettable, and cuddletastic. Not to forget utterly majestic and frankly, just mini versions of noble panthers. For this reason, we have put together a mega-pawsome and fluffy pictures of some of the most cute and hilarious black cats.

Black cats have a lot of superstitions associated with them. Unfortunately, a lot of them are negative. For example, cats were thought to be closely related to black magic and witchcraft in the middle ages. In fact, these cute cattos were viewed as witches in disguise! In 13th century Europe and 17th century Massachusetts this resulted in a lot of kitties being hurt as they were being punished along with witches. Even in present day, black cats are often seen as symbols of mystical. And it is also a common occurrence to find people at Halloween parties dressed as a cute cat or as a feline wearing a witch’s hat.

However, these images will prove just how inaccurate these allegations against black cats are. Scroll through these amazing pictures, and do not forget to share these with your friends and family!






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