5-Yr-Old Sends Letter To Cat In Heaven And Receives Sweetest Reply


Saying goodbye to a furry friend is never easy. It becomes even more difficult for children. Little Nevaeh Lowe from Walton of Thames, England had a hard time saying goodbye to her little cat Tin Tin. The cat died due to a heart failure.

The five year old girl grew up with the cat beside her in every moment. Nevaeh’s mom Tamara said,

Nevaeh and Tin Tin were best friends, they had a really close bond, whenever they saw each other they were so happy.

The little girl missed her cat so badly that she couldn’t even sleep properly at night. After a lot of discussion, Tamara advised Nevaeh to write a letter to Tin Tin. Even though Tamara thought that this would help Nevaeh, she told her daughter not to expect a reply to the letter.

But just a week later, Nevaeh received a reply to the letter! Clive Edwards, who is the FSM Manager of Royal Mail, had found Nevaeh’s letter. He couldn’t ignore Nevaeh’s letter. He knew that the little girl needed a closure.


Clive wrote a reply to Nevaeh to inform her that Tin Tin was happy in heaven. He also sent a stuffed animal to Nevaeh. The toy looked just like her cat along with a book to read whenever she missed her cat.

Tamara was completely surprised by Clive’s kindness. She was happy to know that there are still such kind people out there. Tamara said,

It has really helped, her sleeping is getting back to normal, and now that she knows Tin Tin is OK, she is starting to get over the loss and be a bit happier.

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The letter worked its magic and Nevaeh started sleeping better. Tamara said that getting a rely to the letter was the last thing that they expected. She said,

She really needed one final goodbye and to know that Tin Tin was OK without her and being there to look after her.

This story give us all a hope that there are good people out there.

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