6 Things You’re Better Off Not Telling A Cat Pawrent


People who have never had a feline companion, often are the ones who have the most to comment about owning them. Does it make any sense? NO! Moreover, there’s something strikingly common in their comments. You guessed it, they are extremely stereotypical and far off from the truth. To cat owners, these are plan annoyance. So, if you don’t own a cat, don’t waste your time telling these things to feline adorers…

#1 Dogs are better than cats

Animal preference is a matter of personal choice, with every critter possessing a distinct set of endearing qualities. In fact, plenty of cat parents share their love with canines and live under the same roof!

#2 You should declaw your cat

Declawing is not everybody’s thing. And also, in some places, it has become illegal. Personally, the idea that you want to remove the cat’s claws to protect your sofa is a deal-breaker.

#3 You own two cats? Doesn’t your house smell like litter?

Most cat parents educate themselves about litter boxes pretty quickly. Also, the marketplace has tons of choices for products that make the cleaning simpler and the litter scent much less pungent.

#4 He was only a cat!

The death, be it expected or sudden, of an animal companion is certainly no less hard than loss of a human. However, there are always family members or friends who wave off the death of a cat as an insignificant matter, like losing a shoe. Please note, this behavior does NOT make us feel any better.

#5 You’ve got hair all over you

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Thanks for breaking the news! Cat parents are well aware of the furs of love that is stuck on their clothes. Even with a fancy roller, cat hair will never vanish entirely, and we are fine with that. So, yes we are covered in cat hair, would you like some too?

#6 You’re going to become the “crazy cat lady”

All women with a cat have been told this at least once! Telling someone that he or she is crazy is just mean. Criticizing someone’s preference for having a fluffy roommate is uncalled for.

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