8 Mistakes You Must Avoid As A Cat Owner


With a cat, comes a lot of responsibilities. Adopting a cat maybe easy, but you also have to look after them. Since your cats can’t talk to you, you should be aware of all the do’s and don’ts in the list. Here are little things that will make your cat’s life easy.

#1 Always ensure that your cat’s food bowl is of the right side. It should be neither too deep to cause your cat discomfort nor should it be too small that your cat end up eating off the ground.

#2 Never place your cat’s water bowl next to its food bowl. Else, fur and food particles will enter the water. Cats prefer fresh and cold water.

#3 Don’t let your cat sleep on cable boxes when it is feeling cold. Just put a blanket on them instead. Heat from cable boxes can overheat their internal organs and cause harm.

#4 When buying a cat from a home-based shelters, it is easy to get fooled. You may end up buying an ordinary cat that looks similar to a Maine Coon instead of an actual Maine Coon.

#5 You should not cut your cat’s fur until it’s super necessary. Cats get really stressed out when we cut their fur.

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#6 If your cat snores at night, it may be suffering some severe respiratory issue. Do not ignore it and get it checked immediately.

#7 You should never leave the windows that open vertically when your cat is home alone. Your cat may try to escape and end up getting stuck or hurt in the process.

#8 Declawing your cats is banned in several countries. Even though they may not experience any pain in the process, it may cause them trouble later while climbing trees, jumping or even walking.


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