9 Comics That Illustrate Why Cats And Dogs Are From Different Planets


It’s an accepted argument that cat and dog people are wildly different from each other, and so are cats and dogs themselves. Even scientists have been making efforts to better understand the roots of these differences in owners of cats and dogs.

As scientists continue to work towards cracking this mystery, we bring to you some illustrative comics that show how different cat people are from dog people. So scroll through and do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!

#1 Go away hooman, what do you think you’re doing?
Yay, come here you!

#2 Hey, you want me to get you a beer from the fridge?
Hey, get off my case, you slave!

#3 You’re finally back, I have been waiting for so long!
Ughhh, you again.

#4 Aahhhh, yes, that’s the magic spot!
Keep your filthy hands off me, please.

#5 Yes, Yes, Yes to ALL!
Don’t you have any self-respect, you weird hooman?

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#6 Oh, well – it’s just how they are!

#7 At least he doesn’t make the house stink

#8 This one is clearly a point for the doggos

#9 And finally, there’s two sides to a coin

#10 Bonus: Lifting dogs vs cats

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