9 Sure Shot Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You


Cats may not be able to say it out loud, but they love you. Even though they appear a bit selfish and ignore you most of the times, your felines love you. If you are confused and want to figure out whether your cat loves you or not, then you are at the right place. We have listed some signs that will prove that your cat loves you. Have a look!

#1 Cat bites may hurt, but it shows that your cat trusts you.

#2 If you cat follows you around everywhere you go and do not leave you alone for a moment, it is very possessive and protective of you.

#3 If your cat loves you, it will knead and need you all the time. Raising a cat means giving all your attention to your kitty. There is no other way.

#4 See that cat tail twitching? It is definitely a sign of love.

#5 Cats only use the purr sounds to communicate with their hoomans. Cats developed their purr language just for their hoomans.

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#6 Cats don’t open up easily and hardly make eye contact.

#7 Does your cat gets little something for you? It’s their way to show you their love.

#8 See this kitty lying on its back and showing you its tummy? If your cat does that too, consider yourself really lucky.

#9 Head butting is a cat thing. They like to show their support to you.

By now, you must be clear that your cat loves you or not. Most of you must have noticed at least one of these signs in your cat. Comment below and let us know if your cat loves you or not.

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