A Cute Cat Emerges Following A Haircut From Rescuer


People have been desperate for a haircut since the past few months. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping all the salons shut, people had no option but to allow their significant others to take on the challenge and give them a haircut. The results, as one would imagine, were quite intriguing.

Just like humans, our pets also had to miss their regular grooming sessions and ended with long flicks of hair all over their fur. Animal shelters and human societies have seen it all. So its probably hard to surprise them with any thing at this point. However, one kitty in particular, had these guys at the Arizona Humane Society in awe of just how long its fur had grown. The kitty needed more than just a trim as becomes evident from the pictures that follow.








Fluffer the cat, was found by rescuers with this long fur hanging all around her. At first, they couldn’t even identify the poor fella as a cat. Fluffer with entirely invisible within her cocoon with matted hair and fur. The feline was sent to a “salon” when she was transferred to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Hospital for Animal Trauma.


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It was hard to express just how unkept the feline had been. When she was first brought in the hospital, people couldn’t recognize the poor thing as a cat. But now that it was haircut time, everybody was in anticipation of the kitty’s sharp new look.



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