A Hilarious Comparison Between A Human Baby VS Cat


The renowned cartoonist credited for the awesome and greatly successful Oatmeal webcomic, Matthew Inman, has come up with this next hilarious comic drawing a comparison between having a cat vs having a human baby. In this commendable piece of art, he outlines the wonderous moments of cat owners and in contrast, the horrors that a human baby brings.

Do you feel there could be a bias? Well, take a look and see for yourself. You may feel that a few of his statements are untrue, but he is definitely worth following. He has published some awesome comics that are funny and gross, to some that are informative and inspiring.

Take a look at these pics and rejoice the amazing artwork. Do not forget to share with friends and family!








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No doubt having a baby is among the most wonderous things of a human’s life. But it does bring an overwhelming responsibility with it. Matthew has attempted to highlight these responsibilities in his baby vs cat comparison. Others are just pure pros of having a kitty because they make our lives so darn full. If you have a cat, then you probably know what I am talking about.







However, we suggest you bring the best of both worlds and bring a little kitty home from the shelter to your baby. The bond will last a lifetime.

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