Samaritan Finds Lost Cat, Brings It To Its Owners, Asks For $500 Promised Reward, Gets Sneered At And Judged


A sane person, upon meeting a kind soul who brought him his cat back, would appreciate him and honor him. Nevertheless, this does not always happen with all lost pets. It would appear as though not all people plan on keeping the promises they make as long as they get whatever it is that they want.

A family recently promised a $500 reward to whosoever would bring their lost cat back to them. A person, upon finding the cat, brought the little kitty back to its family, and the family was overjoyed they finally had their adorable catto back. This lasted for only about a minute, though. The emotions changed after the family realized that the Good Samaritan was not out looking for the cat out of a kind heart and expected to be rewarded with the promised $500.

A man who found this cat brought the cat back to its family expecting the $500 reward as was promised in the ad

The man who brought the kitty back was extremely distraught with the family’s behavior that he took the issue upon the “Am I the Assh*le” Reddit community to ask others as to what how he should have reacted.

Upon asking for the promised reward after returning the kitty, the man was shocked with the family’s response

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Reddit user with the name Kcmocats’ AITA post was upvoted by over 15.7K redditors. The redditor was officially branded “not the assh*le” and got 3 Silver Awards.

Most community members backed Kcmocats’ contention that he should have been paid the reward. They explained that it was right of Kcmocats to ask for the money since the family had promised to pay whoever brings the cat back.

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