A Man Who Recently Lost His Cat, Receives A Letter From A Complete Stranger Who Loved Him Too


A UK couple grieving the passing of their cat, Bear, learned that he actually had a secret life, when a stranger wrote them a heartwarming letter.

Meet Bear.

Reddit user TravUK shared Bear’s amazing story:

“One of our cats passed away two weeks ago. Today we found this note on his brother’s collar.”

“Dear Owner; I’m your neighbour, living in 4. I’m also your cats’ close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room everyday. But one of them, a bigger one has disappeared for two weeks. Is he ok? I’m so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine. – Y.T. 2/March/2017.”

Bear (right) and Teddy (left)

Bear’s owner decided to leave the neighbor a letter and dropped it in their letterbox, in which he informed that poor Bear had passed. He made sure to add his e-mail address so they could communicate more easily, without needing Teddy as a messenger. Next day, a long e-mail from the neighbor awaited him. In it, he mentioned how they adored the special moments they spent with the feline brothers, particularly Bear. She also threw in some photos of the brothers “taking over” her house.

Bear’s neighbor friend is a Taiwanese exchange student who studies at a university close by.

“He was just like an angel for me,” wrote she, adding that Bear would visit her every afternoon to spend time with her. Sometimes, he would just chill on the sofa, and Bear’s snores helped her stay aware and focus on work.

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In her e-mail, she also shared that Bear would enjoy sitting on her bed and listen as she rehearsed for her presentations.  “He was a good listener when I needed a “person” to help me [practice],” wrote she. The neighbor also visited Bear’s grave to leave flowers in his memory.

This story is a proof that friendship knows no boundaries.

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