A Woman’s Hilarious Document Of How She Reunited With Her Missing Kitty, Pics Included As Proof


Cats have a strong camouflage game, and this catto is no exception. In fact, she’s so exceptionally good at it, that her owner who is an Alaskan artist and is popularly known by the name Ristay, has made a comic (and attached several photos) to showcase her skills!

Ristay revealed that Petunia, the smaller black cat, is a rescue and is super skittish. At home, they call her the “spooky baby.” She cannot get enough of Ristay, but is not a fan of socializing with other humans. She is quite comfortable with Ristay’s dog as well who is a black German Shephard by the name Atreyu. Petunia is never nervous around or feared of, Atreyu.


So when Petunia is nowhere to be found, Ristay seldom finds her spending time with Atreyu. However, this is where things get interesting.

Petunia found solace in Atreyu’s cuddles ever since she was a little kitty. Although, it’s not just Petunia who derives the joy out of these cuddle sessions. Atreyu also loves being a beneficiary of all the attention! Atreyu has a rough past. He was beaten and abused as a pup. Ristay was unsure of how Atreyu’s personality would shape up given his past. But Atreyu turned out to be the cutest doggo, extremely loving, and adores the cats as well!


Ristay has two dogs and two cats, most of them are rescues. For the most part, all of Ristay’s four pets get along fine and have even grown very affectionate of each other. The only one who exhibited signs of jealousy was Diesel, Ristay’s another cat. Diesel was extremely jealous of Petunia when she was first brought home. But once he realized she’s so lovable, Diesel bonded with her really well.




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