Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat In This Picture, And Her Owner Posted A Whole Gallery Of Her Ninja Cat


Every cat owner hates it when their cat decides to hide. They know that they may spend their entire day searching for their fur balls and still not find them. Your cat could be sleeping in some odd space they find comfortable, hidden away from the world.

Pierogi, the master of hiding!

Grace Spelmand and her cat Pierogi has this tradition of hide and seek and they follow it diligently. This began when Grace shifted to a new apartment. Her kitty was pretty curious to explore all the hiding places in the house.

“Spot Pierogi!”

Were you able to spot the fur ball? Don’t get disheartened if you couldn’t, she’s pretty good at this.

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If you are taking this as a joke, you have no idea about this kitty’s hiding talent. You will go crazy searching for her. Look for yourself and try finding Pierogi in each of the pictures. Let us know in the comments how long you took.

#1 Is she in the blue bag?

#2 Where are you little kitty?

#3 It’s just impossible to find her in this messy room.

#4 Honestly, we failed to find Pierogi in this picture.

#5 Another failed attempt at finding the kitty.

#6 The more the number of boxes, the more space I have to sleep in.”

#7 Are you thinking of giving up already?

#8 We finally got a glimpse of the little kitty.

#9 Did you find her yet?

#10 Here’s the last one for the day! Enough of hiding, you little cat.

Pierogi is surely the master of hiding. Were you able to spot Pierogi? Share your score with us in the comments.

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