Amazing Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Humans have been obsessed with the feline creatures for centuries now. No matter how hard we try to understand them, they always come out as mysterious, yet fascinating. Do you think you know your cat very well? Well, read these amazing unknown facts about cats and know how well you know your cats.

#1 Around 88 million pets in the USA are cats, also being the most popular ones.

#2 There are 30 muscles in cats which control their ears.

#3 Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping, mostly in weird positions.

#4 Cats can rotate their ears around 180 degrees.

#5 Human fingerprints are unique and so are cats’ noses. One kitty’s has the map of Australia on it.

#6 How many eyelids do you have? Your cat has three.

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#7 Who ran for the position of mayor in 2013 in Mexico City? None other than a cat. One kitty Stubbs was mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years.

#8 Cats are not drawn to sweetness because they cannot detect it.

#9 Some tabby cats also have freckles around their eyelids and mouths.

#10 Cats have a secret language you don’t know about. Meows are only reserved for hoomans.

#11 What do we call a group of cats? Clowder

#12 There are around 44 breeds of cats that we know of.

#13 Cats use smell to recognize objects and people. This is their strongest sense.

#14 Ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows when their cats dies.

#15 Did you know that the longest cat in the world is 123 cm long. He is a gray tabby cat called Maine Coon.

#16 Cat’s hairball is technically called “bezoar”.

#17 Cats can make hundred different sounds, whereas dogs can make only ten.

#18 Siamese, Maine Coon and Persian cats are the most popular pedigree cat breeds.

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