Amazing Vintage Pictures of Celebs With Their Cats


What do Grammys, Nobel, Pulitzers and Oscars have in common? Well, for one, cats couldn’t care less about them! Also, cats don’t care about the winners of these awards either. We have compiled some pictures of well-known actors, artists, singers, directors, musicians, poets, and writers with their felines. Note that all of them happen to be dead, and probably most of these cats have been long gone too.

Why would such famous personalities want to spend their quality time with cats? We believe its because a cat will never kowtow to these people just because of their status or because they are rich. Most celebrities have a hard time identifying who their real friends are, but they can be a hundred percent sure of their cat’s loyalty. All cats expect only 4 basic things: being fed, being pet, be played with, and then be left alone once its tired of interacting with you.

Why did we choose only dead people? Although it seems morbid, these are mostly old school black and white pictures, so they look pretty cool. Also, it’s an amazing sight to look at these famous people with their guards down for once.

#1 Freddie Mercury

#2 Audrey Hepburn

#3 James Dean

#4 Kurt Cobain

#5 Marilyn Monroe

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#6 Marlon Brando

#7 Anthony Bourdain

#8 Bettie Page

#9 John Lennon

#10 Jack Kerouac

#11 Lauren Bacall

#12 Michael Jackson

#13 Paul Newman

#14 Janis Joplin

#15 Pablo Picasso

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