Amazing Reactions Of Pet After Realizing They’re At The Vet’s


Oh, that dreaded moment! The regular vet’s appointment. It’s almost as if our pets realize that it is time and begin to make the big round eyes. Maybe they think we will take a raincheck on the appointment. Perhaps, some even would.

The key here is the surprise element. Of course, this applies only for dogs because cats pretty much figure out the whole thing once you grab the carrier out of its well-hidden spot and begin attempts to get him inside.

We have put together some amazing memes from pet pawrents who took these pictures when they were taking their furr babies to the vet’s. Scroll through these amazing pictures, and do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!






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There are pets with whom these trips to the vet’s are fast and steady, especially when you take along a toy to keep them occupied. But others may make an awfully big deal out of it. With them, you may have to get a little creative to get through this process.









You are certainly prepared for a long day. But hey, you will get a bunch of amazing pictures out of it. That’s gotta be a silver lining, right?

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